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Scroll down for FAQ's, however if you can't find what your looking for ask your question here by submitting your details in the form opposite & I will endeavour to reply back within 24hrs.

Q. How can I trust a third party supplier with my vendors house keys?

A. Having handled keys for 20+ years you can remain confident that they will not get lost and will be returned promptly, also I have more than adequate public liability insurance to cover any losses. However Its my reputation and the long term relationship with you the Agent that will guarantee no problems in this area.

Q. How will I know you've left a property securely locked up?

A. I will only usually unlock the front door and back door to gain access to the garden, therefore reducing the chance of not securing the property. If however any doors or windows are open/unlocked when I arrive I will contact you by phone to seek your instructions before leaving the property.

Q. What if I wanted my vendor to pay your fee?

A. No problem, just ensure your client is aware of the charge dependent on the level of service you/they require and that they can make payment in cash, cheque, bank transfer or via PayPal at the time of the appointment.

Q. Do you conduct EPC's?

A. No, but I do have a very good supplier who can do them for you and he is very cost effective.

Q. What if I or my vendor are not happy with the photographs?

A. I am sure this will never happen (hasn't yet, but I guess there can always be a first time), but if you or your vendor truly are not happy, then I will happily retake them again for you and if you are still unhappy and as long as they aren't used in marketing the property there will be NO charge.

Q. What about exclusivity in my area/town?

A. I am unable to 100% offer this service because the way Estate Agents operate nowadays, they cover many areas beyond their core area. However when I have a client in a particular town/area I do not proactively market for new business with other Estate Agents unless they come to me directly from a referral.

Q. Will you help the vendor tidy up and move items out of the way for the photographs?

A. I have to say no, because if I agree to this it has proven to backfire on me and I am there to take photographs not tidy up etc. I will happily direct vendors in what they need to move out of the way, but don't have the time to do this for them. However if its a small item or straightening a pillow etc then of course I will but officially I have to say any items that appear in photographs are not my responsibility to remove and therefore can't be rejected because of this error made by the vendor.