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Dear Darryl,

Its been a whirlwind few days since you photographed our property on Friday last week and we wanted to inform you about something that happened last night that has left us feeling completely stunned!

As you were aware we’ve been trying to move for almost eighteen months and we had almost given up when by chance I overheard a conversation in my office whereby one of my staff had recently just sold her property within only a few days of going on the market.

I then asked for more details and was surprised that she believed that the major reason for achieving such a quick sale was mostly due to the photos you took. I was somewhat sceptical until she showed me the pictures on her phone via a link you had supplied. I was truly both stunned and impressed at the same time because they were nothing like the quality any of the four agents we had used so far and two of them used professional photographers.

So, we contacted our estate agent asking that they consider updating the pictures by using you, but they just weren’t interested as they said their own professional photographer had already done a fantastic job. However, we were now aware that they weren’t anywhere near as good as Sarah had shown of her property.

So not losing faith in that we may actually be able to sell our home and move, Sarah advised that I contact you directly. We don’t live in the same area, but when I spoke to you, you were most accommodating to our situation and you were very willing to go out of your way and travel to our home located in Rickmansworth because you said “I’d love to prove that there are in fact different skill levels of professional photographers and that I would indeed like to show you how my style of photography will help find you that elusive purchaser”.

We were still very sceptical at this stage, but when you arrived you put us at ease and your staff’s communication prior to your arrival was simply first class with a wealth of information in getting our property ready for you to photograph. We were surprised that we hadn’t been advised by any of the other agents or photographers what we should do to best present our home prior to it being photographed, so that was very useful information for us, thank you.

We hadn’t budgeted personally for professional photographs of our property, but you put us at ease with your 100% guarantee that if we weren't completely satisfied with the pictures that you’ll refund us in full.

Anyway, what can we say, we did pay the extra for your premium package as Sarah had advised, as it was the only true way of allowing you the freedom to produce your stunning work on our property.

When you delivered the pictures, we couldn’t click on the link quick enough. We were absolutely blown away by them, we truly were, I mean we knew they were going to be very good, but never really visualised them that fantastic, as its not until you get to see your own property with such great pictures produced by such an expert in their field as you, that you can truly appreciate the amazing talented photographer you are.

As advised by you, we did change our estate agent and delivered the pictures to the new agent and they were so impressed with the pictures they couldn’t actually believe it was the same property, we’ve also now heard your company has already gained a few jobs off them, so well done, but to be honest we’re not really that surprised, because your pictures speak for themselves.

It has only been five days into the marketing and so far our estate agent has already booked thirteen viewings for the coming weekend, that’s more than ALL of the previous agents had achieved between them, in almost eighteen months. 

The estate agent rang us yesterday about a potential buyer who was absolutely insistent that they came to visit the property last night, so although we weren’t really prepared, we agreed to the viewing as the agent said they hadn’t seen such an enthusiastic interest in a property in such a long time and they’ll definitely going to buy it! When they arrived and almost on the spot before even viewing any of the bedrooms upstairs, they offered us the FULL ASKING PRICE! We then explained to them that we had more viewings booked for the coming weekend, so we didn’t really want to make a decision yet or let anyone down. So, they quickly responded by offering us £10,000, yes £10K! above our asking price, plus a £25,000 non-refundable deposit (which they transferred into our bank account to prove their commitment), if we cancelled the viewings, so we promised we would the following morning and shook hands and accepted their offer!!!

We still can’t believe what has just happened, but what we are most shocked about more than anything is that not only has it taken so long to sell our home, but during a conversation with them, we discovered they have been looking for several months and had never noticed or considered our property before and they even commented that they must have discounted it due to how the previous agents photos must have presented it, because it was well within their budget and in their preferred location.

So all we can say is a big thank you so much as we believe because of your wonderful pictures of our home, YOU personally finally found us a buyer and all we had to do was to make a small financial investment and you and your staff made everything easy from the day I first contacted you.

We will definitely be recommending you to all of our friends and family and anyone else we can think of!!!

Thank you once again we are both completely overjoyed with this outcome and to further show our gratitude when completing your customer review questionnaire we added a small gratuity, so you can enjoy a meal out with your wife as a treat from us to you.

Martin & Fiona Bradley

PS. Please feel free to use/show any or all of this letter to any future customers and hopefully they will then find it easier to understand the benefits of having a true professional photographer and an excellent customer service team.

The optional premium pictures to properly showcase your home and therefore achieve a similar result like us is highly recommended and a waste of Darryl’s talent if not taken up. Also we would like to advise any seller not to get put off by investing in enhancing the photographs, particularly if its Darryl that will be photographing their property, because we believe that its a very small price to pay, for such a fantastic job, outstanding pictures and perfect end result!