Darryl Rixon Photography
darryl rixon photography

Why use a professional photographer?

What the photographer has to say……

“Does Richard Branson pilot a Virgin Atlantic Aircraft for his airline? - No, he employs an experienced professional.

Most agents caution their sellers about the importance of curb appeal. They counsel them to clean up and maybe even stage the home’s interior. 

While curb appeal is the client’s responsibility, marketing appeal is the agents. You have one chance to impress – a scant two seconds to grab a buyer’s attention without a photograph and 20 seconds with one. Do smartphone listing photos or those you take with a point-and-shoot camera make optimum use of those valuable seconds? NO

“Photography is an art, its a combination of skilled composition, lighting and post processioning that creates an image that truly stand out."

When homebuyers perusing the Internet get inspired by a photo, “they’ll click through to the next image and so on which will lead to an enquiry about the property and then hopefully a viewing, which may even lead to an offer and a sale agreed.”



The process on location.....

"This process can take anything from 30 minutes to 2hrs depending on the size & type of property and therefore proving it is far more effective to commission a professional photographer who is an expert in their field who can produce a set of photographs to compliment the property & enhance the saleability."

Pre-Appointment - I send through an email confirming the appointment which also includes a link to 'preparing your property for photographs' click HERE to view the page.

Stage 1 - A walk through of the property advising the client of any items that are best removed out of shot. Also I sometimes recommend furniture to be moved to create a more creative photograph.

Stage 2 - A second walk through on my own of the property and removing any light items out of view to improve the photograph such as towels off towel rails and pillows organised.

Stage 3 - Set up of the camera equipment and lighting required for the rooms to be photographed.

Stage 4 - Photograph the property interior and exterior.

Stage 5 - Review the images taken (in Camera) and decide whether any additional shots or retakes are required.

Stage 6 - Edit the images to enhance each photographs potential viewing experience and upload to my website for the homeowner to preview.

Stage 7 - Within 24hrs send link to Agent to download full portfolio of photographs to compile their marketing material.